Pan-Fried Steak with Rosemary & Roast Parsnips

Pan-Fried Steak with Rosemary & Roast Parsnips 

Serves 4 


8-10 medium-sized parsnips.

Extra virgin olive oil.

Handful of fresh rosemary leaves.

Salt and pepper.

4 pieces of your favourite cut of steak.

Balsamic vinegar. 


Pre-heat  oven 240C. Peel and quarter lengthways 8-10 medium-sized parsnips. Place in a baking dish and sprinkle generously with extra virgin olive oil. Add a handful of fresh rosemary leaves, salt and pepper and mix well. Place in oven 20-30 minutes, turning once or twice until golden and crisp on the edges. Meanwhile, prepare 4 pieces of steak by seasoning them with a pinch or two of salt each. Heat a little olive oil in a skillet and fry each side of the meat for 3-4 minutes, depending on thickness. Take off the heat and "rest" the meat for 5 minutes in the pan, covered loosely with foil, to help set the juices. Serve with the parsnips and a little balsamic vinegar on the beef.