Favco Management Team

Rob Clarke - Managing Director

Rob has over 47 years experience in the fruit and vegetable industry, ranging from fruit and vegetable retailing to owning a wholesale market operation incorporating national domestic supply and the export and import of fresh produce. More recently Rob has been involved in fresh produce farm management and ownership. Rob has demonstrated leadership in his own business and throughout the industry, fostering innovation and a keen drive to progress the industry as a whole.

Phone: 07 3717 1500  Mobile: 0419 657123  Email: robc@favcoqld.com.au


Michael Deveney - Director

Mike started his career in the Brisbane markets some forty years ago.  Having grown up on an apple orchard in Stanthorpe, the same orchard that he still owns and operates to this day, he has an empathy and understanding for the growing sector. Mike has served on several industry committees and has been president of both the Australian and Queensland Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables.

Phone: 07 3717 1500  Mobile: 0412 729 970  Email: miked@favcoqld.com.au


Mark Clarke - Business Manager/Director

Mark has 23 years experience in the fresh produce industry including wholesale operations, export/import sales and marketing. Mark is also a Director on the Brismark Board.  

Phone: 07 3717 1506  Mobile: 0407 781 792  Email: markc@favcoqld.com.au


Chris Deveney - Business Manager/Director

Chris has 19 years experience in the Produce Industry including Farm management, Wholesale business operation, Produce Marketing and Fresh Cuts development.

Phone: 07 3717 1512  Mobile: 0412 672 225 Email: chrisd@favcoqld.com.au


Shane Clarke - Financial Controller/Director

Shane has 23 years experience in the produce industry, he is a Certified Practicing Accountant and an active member of the Brismark Credit Service Committee.

Phone: 07 37171503  Mobile:0407 599 662 Email: shanec@favcoqld.com.au